Our Values

In the Hope Heals Shop,  ethically made  is only the beginning.

We believe all people bear God's image and have been created with inherent dignity. This is true of families affected by disabilities in our Hope Heals community, and it's also true of the people who produce all the goods sold in the Hope Heals Shop. So we take enormous care to consider people first when partnering with vendors and planning products.

Our mission-driven keepsakes are sending ripples of redemption around the world. Here's how:

 Responsibly Sourced 

Every vendor has been vetted for fair labor compliance because we believe the people who make these goods are beloved. Their wellbeing is worth the extra time, research, and cost.

 Dignifying Work 

The goods in our shop provide livable wages and purposeful work for under-employed makers, like people with disabilities and women escaping trafficking.

 Benefitting Camp 

Every purchase you make in the Shop helps make Camp happen. Did you know that Hope Heals Camp is the only retreat in the world offering respite to entire families affected by disability—regardless of diagnosis, age, or location—completely free of charge? That's a BIG undertaking which is why your purchases matter so much!

 Ebenezers of Hope 

Hope is intangible in so many ways. In all God's wisdom, he encouraged his people to set up "Ebenezers" or physical reminders of his goodness and faithfulness. We want to help you remember the hope you've experienced through touchable, holdable, visible, smellable, wearable reminders of God's provision.

Moments made possible by your purchase

Moments made possible by your purchase